spoiled bitches...

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for some strange reason known only to us we thought it was a good idea to buy yet another sofa (this is the fifth!) to replace the dog beds in our room- at least they seem to like it


last project...

spare bathroom
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the spare bath is nearly complete
our goal is to finish it by labor day as we are expecting guests that weekend and will need it for the big summer party 9.13


is it wednesday already?

here it is hump day and i haven't even posted about our weekend- it's been one of those weeks
here it is in photos and links
(yeah, i'm being lazy)



i wish i had been there to see this

and there are many more on flickr

maybe next year


channeling derek...

tuesday, july 11 1989

...spent the morning reading "matthew", and "wisdom":
our name will be forgotten in time
and no-one will remember our works
our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud
and be scattered like mist
this is chased by the rays of the sun
and overcome by its heat
for our allotted time is the passing of a shadow
and will run like sparks through the stubble

saturday, july 11, 1992

... to set up a focal point that robs everyone of focus is a treason that the arts can perform quite easily in their concrete bunkers.  it would have been much better for our "community" if the arts had to involve themselves directly.  to call pasolini, or myself for that matter, "gay artists" is foolish and limiting.  one day maybe we will dispense with boundaries and categories.  i was never gay, queer maybe, difficult certainly, with good reason...

chorma:  shadow is the queen of colour

when what is black is mixed with the light of the sun and fire, the result is always red.

we are going to see the documentary "derek" tomorrow evening 


trickle, torrent, flood...

yesterday i heard a very disturbing interview with an economist who warned of the economic disaster this country would face if fannie mae and freddie mac were to go under- and now i read this
to put it simply- we're fucked


12x16 gallery - july...

lee day robbins - paintings
shauneen field - "theory of evolution"


jesse helms is dead

another bigoted old white man is dead
(a rather nice birthday present to the country i think)