lightning makes the grass green...

and other myths from my childhood concerning thunderstorms and inclement weather
during a thunderstorm, don't...
talk on the phone
take a bath
stand near a window
but, during a tornado i'm supposed to get in the bathtub???
i was terrified of thunderstorms as a young kid- i remember the time my mother had to slap me as i was hysterical from a close lightning strike but,  after my first experience with a tornado, i gained some sort of understanding and respect for the weather and have since observed it with awe and wonder
we're experiencing thunderstorms tonight in portland-few and far between, but always welcome


hot, hot, hot...

it was 90 degrees at 11 am- i think the forecasted high is a little low
and tomorrow- 93 and humid!!! where are we? florida?


channeling derek...

friday june 23, 1989
... at midday i left for dungeness with julian to water the garden.  as i turned on the hose julian said there was a four hundred pound  fine or two months imprisonment. fuck it! i thought, my flowers also have a right to live.  jon says the weather is "chemical".

tuesday june 23, 1992
... hb went for a long walk and found a caterpillar, but the surprise of the day has been a merlin- a small delicate hawk, rather rare- that hovers a few feet above us without a fear and catches lizards and mice.  it seems to spend most of the day hunting round the house.

white lies
... if you spin a colour wheel fast enough it turns white, but if you mix the pigments, however much you try, you will only get a dirty grey


i miss my mercedes...

without chains
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i hate to sound like an elitist snob but...

my audi "is no mercedes"


summer office...

last week i rearranged the "outdoor living spaces" in the back to make it more conducive to al fresco dining and generally get more use out the deck, such as i did yesterday by bringing my business computer out here and working on my inspection reports while the dogs sniff around the yard for snakes and moles
nothing like getting paid to sit out on your deck- welcome summer!


multiple choice...

if every individual on this planet were given 1000 square feet of living space in which to exist, 
they could all do so within the space of:

a. texas
b. california
c. france
d. argentina

the surprising answer can be found here


fight the smears...

i've changed the link to the obama progress photo on the right
have a look and learn the truth (at least their version of it)


just three things...

as a rule (sometimes broken) i don't talk about politics, sex and religion
which makes for a boring blog, i know but, i couldn't help but put the "obama progress" image on this blog today, especially after hearing mccain say that when we get out of iraq is not as important as ensuring the safety of our troops in iraq- what? this election has to go to the democrats or, as bruce said last night- "we, and a lot of other people, are out of here..."


12x16 gallery - june...

eunice parsons and jon colburn
both receptions were well attended and we have sold one from each artist thus far
(see photos here)

we are screening the pcc film saturday evening- invitation only, i hope it goes as well as i have imagined and planned


designer of the times...

i was just talking to eunice this afternoon about my design/designer influences from the eighties (i am very much a product of the eighties having graduated high school in 84), as she had given me an architectural digest from 89 in which i found an article about my favorite interior designer of the time- jay spectre (i very much wanted to be an interior designer when i was young, only after realizing i would never be a serious enough student to become an architect)
being a gay teenager i subscribed to GQ and fell in love with the designers almost as much as i lusted after the models
ysl, calvin klein, dvf- for a gay boy in indiana it was all very inspiring
thank you yves- you will be missed