welcome home...

spring on the mountain
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after four long days in lovely eugene/springfield i return home to this!
it was forecast to happen but i just didn't want to believe it
despite the weather i got the dogs out for a much needed run in the park



here is the list of things i intended to post about this past week:

- st patrick's day meal
- b's new job
- dumpster diving for art
- the gallery
- tire blowout

someday soon i hope to find the time to expand on any or all of these topics and to start taking this blogging thing seriously...


happy easter...

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back to life...

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i'm feeling much better, yet not quite 100%
the recent nice weather has helped a lot- we spent last weekend cleaning up the back yard and getting the pond going again
spring has sprung on mt scott


flu bed

flu bed
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this is where i've been for the better part of three days
the flu is an awful thing- the aches and pains, fever and chills, snot and phlegm- i wouldn't wish it on anyone (almost anyone)
i'm finally feeling well enough to get myself cleaned up and join the living, sort of...