happy, happy...

until i get this figured out, see my current posts here-


thanks and be patient


what the?

ok, where the hell is the list of films i just posted?
i need help with this program- somebody help me!

cary films...

my annual review of films i watched in the past year
let me know what you think


i don't like black...

i've had a new 80 gig ipod for three days now and it's still in the box
i ended up with a black one and really want a silver/metallic one
this should not be that important but it is
so, back to the apple store i go but, if they don't have a silver ipod, i'm sure the black one will work just as well



i''m going to need help getting this new blog set up
it seems like it should be so easy but it's beyond me
i have never been able to learn from reading instructions, i need to see something done- maybe a few times, then i can remember how to do it
oh, dear blogger "friends" i ask for your help
in the mean time, i'll continue posting at left coast ramblings


a new start

i have decided to try a new blog program as i will not be renewing my .mac account in the spring
so, here it goes...