this is getting interesting...

i'm not much of a political animal but i can't help following this race every step of the way
and today in florida, just as i was saying to myself this morning; "self, i think mccain and hillary are going to take florida"
well, i'll be damned...


...i really think so

my new favorite building/space... 
i guess japan is now on my shortlist for an art/architecture pilgrimage
(more images on flickr, courtesy of vic-vic)


from the mind of a girl...

i'm torn...

between two blogs
if you don't find anything new here for several days, check out left coast ramblings for the latest


9,369,524 vs. 9.366 million

another example of the failure of american dominance in a rapidly growing world market
i'm just wondering who will place the highest bid when the "fire sale" begins... (i'm betting on the chinese)


yet another one...

what is it about the young, beautiful and talented that they decide to take the easy way out
doesn't make any sense to the rest of us...


brad renfro

so sad...

brad renfro 1982 - 2008

workin' it...

not sure i like this template- too much wasted real estate
as this is a work in progress, i have no problems changing it to suit my mood
i just don't want it to look like every other blogger site
someone please remind me why this is important???


lookie what i learned...

thanks to bert and arnie for the instruction and motivation to get me working on this blog- sometimes i just need a swift kick...


plan for a perfect sunday...

1. sleep in as late as the dogs allow (about 8)
2. sip lattes while reading news and blogs
3. long walk with dogs
4. sit on the deck in the sunshine reading the new york times
5. bloody marys
6. talk art (today with eunice)
7. listen to music, drink cocktails while making pizza 
8. pizza and a good bottle of wine (2005 owen roe abbot's table)
9. relax and create art
10. go to bed and wish tomorrow was another sunday

a great plan, and well executed if i do say so myself


checking in...

i'm not much for new years resolutions but perhaps learning blogger should be at the top of my list...
as i have several months on my .mac blog to go, i can take my time- yet another excuse...