it's about time...

i was pleasantly surprised to find this article about derek in the sunday nytimes arts and leisure section
it's about time he gets some recognition here in the u.s. and i'm very happy that tilda is leading the cause to make it so
derek taught me what it means to be queer and made me the artist i am today


more rhubarb...

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i tried to include this photo with my post yesterday but it wouldn't upload- most of this is going into a pie tomorrow


ruminating about rhubarb...

i seem to have come out of the funk i've been in for over a month now- not feeling very creative besides what i do for the gallery (which appears creative to others but is really just me on autopilot)
anyway, i finally feel like sharing something, so here it is

one of my earliest food memories is biting into a stalk of rhubarb given to me by my great grandmother as i followed her around her garden in central indiana- it was quite a shock to the system but i learned to love the taste, to the point of daring other kids to see who could eat the most- i always won that bet
i fondly remember my greatgrandmother's "sloppy" pies, called such as she rarely bothered with a top crust- her sloppy apple pie topped with a slice of cheddar cheese will always be my favorite- as well as my grandmother's strawberry-rhubarb pie (complete with top crust) and served with my grandfather's home made ice cream
i recently tried my mother's recipe but found it too sweet, not enough of the sour/tart bite of the rhubarb that i love so

the following recipe came from the new york times magazine a couple of years ago- it will be the one i hand down

5 cups sliced rhubarb
1 1/4 cups sugar
5 tablespoons flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 tablespoons butter

use your favorite crust recipe (no need to post one here)

blend rhubarb, sugar, flour and cinnamon
pour into crust and dot with butter
add top crust (if you like, my great grandmother didn't always), trim, seal and cut vents
bake for 15 minutes at 425, reduce temp to 350 and bake 25-30 minutes more or until the pink rhubarb juice bubbles out the vent holes

serve with homeade ice cream (is there any other way?)

for those who need a little sweetness, you can substitute a cup (or two for the kids) of strawberries for the rhubarb



so long dot mac...

with the loss of my dot mac account in 6 days i have been reviewing my old blog and dot mac photoalbums, all pre-flickr stuff- worth a look if you haven't seen it
a blogger i know printed off all his posts from his old blog before starting a new one- i thought about doing that, got as far as using the image capture device on my powerbook to save a few posts but doubt i'll do much more of it as it is quite time consuming
i have noticed how much more often i posted on the old blog- and i wrote a lot more and much better than i have been doing of late- i really need to put more effort into doing the same here