mc cain - palin

i was a bit surprised when i heard the news, but now it's beginning to make sense


channeling derek...

saturday august 19, 1989

... last night i dreamed many dreams.  in one a clay man crumbled into dust at my touch at the entrance to the great library between the tigris and euphrates.

wednesday august 19, 1992

... oh, drip, drip, drip
... i decided to make blue without images- they hinder the imagination and beg a narrative and suffocate with arbitrary charm, the admirable austerity of the void.

on seeing red

... in the hospital they drop stinging belladonna in the eye to open the pupils, and then take photos by flashlight.  is this that moment in hiroshima?  did i live to tell the tale?  for a fraction of a second there is a sky blue circle, and then the world reassembles itself in magenta.


dog days...

yesterday was madie's birthday- 10 years old!
and nine years ago on this day we got lily (she's 11-12)
they are great dogs and are very much puppies in spirit

madie and lily

i took them to the river today
they had a great time chasing each other up and down the beach
happy birthday puppies


8 eight 08...

we'll be watching this tonight

you should watch this from one of my favorite late 80's bands


no title necessary...

this says it all


the only thing my stepfather taught me...

was how to make a paper airplane

today would have been his 72nd birthday, or 74th- i'm not sure